The Arch of Hysteria at the Fathers of ConfederationThe Arch of Hysteria at the Fathers of ConfederationPhotographic print paired with the soundtrack/ sound art piece “Hysteria”, triggered to play when the viewer is near the image. Cherie Crocker 

Cherie Crocker 

Cherie Crocker 


Repaired Cell Phone Charger Repaired Phone ChargerA pataphysic experiment. Based on the ideal of fixing the old instead of purchasing a new product, I repaired my phone and charger. This was a 4 month long hassle/ interactive performance, daily attempting to charge my phone for 45 minute intervals… Eventually I bought an iPhone.

Cherie Crocker

Cherie Crocker 



Disavowel   <— still from performance below, click to view

Cassiterite Man Computer Smash

To be looped… Forever

First in a series of documented performances.
In general they are a poetic response to my social practice research of living and working in Vancouver’s downtown east side, specifically in regards to mental health and addiction. Click to view all the videos.

Cherie Crocker

Cherie Crocker 



Arts Perspective, The Gaze

An interactive Arduino driven experiment/fun house created in collaboration between myself and an electrical engineer who helped code a responsive and user driven and immersive environment.

It basically is me loosely playing with ideas of recreating the mirror stage for adults, which maps nicely onto media studies. User experience is key. This was shown at a gallery in Vancouver.

Overall the experience was theatrical, like a carnival with a blind hooded figure (myself)  performatively leading users into a tent with the cryptic message for users to “follow the lights”. Lights prompt further discoveries and migrations for the user in the immersive environment.

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 6.43.19 pmThe participant you see in the video I linked to is being filmed discovering a distorted mirror image, which she later understands and recognizes is of herself.

Cherie Crocker

Cherie Crocker 



Save the TreesSave the Trees PhotographMaterial residue of an undocumented tree hugger/ resuscitation performance. Cherie Crocker




Node Modality project   <— click to view

Interactive project with a strong user experience focus on engaging audience participation in the discussion, thus shaping it. Link to a quick write up (on page 5) of the Node Modality project, an interactive project coded and designed for the interPLAY symposium at York University Libraries March 26, 2012.


The conference approached information as medium and focused on the play between creativity & information. The Node Modality Project, through interacting live with the audience, demonstrates the pedagogical resonances of non linear communication in higher education.

Participatory interactive engagement has important implications as the demand shifts in viewer behaviour back and forth between reception and participation. The benefits of using interactive digital technology resides in its potential to be a means of promoting critical reflection.

The Node Modality Project

Cherie Crocker

Later- at TedX Distillery District Women, Invented Here 2013- further iterations included a web of meaning created from harnessing the tweets of audience members dialoging with and thus informing the discussion, live. The role of the speaker on stage then was to facilitate and join in the co-voicing of audience members interacting with and participating in this user driven mode of communication.

The foundation of these ideas, in line with Mikhail Bakhtins’ discussion of heteroglossia, is to enrich critical reflection by introducing the medium of the Internet with its’ rhizomatic capacity to explore textual communication.

Node Modality

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When I Met Joseph Beuys
Joseph Beuys and the rabbit. New iterations, old repetitions.